Gunma-chan – 05

We considered timing this bad on purpose. Think about what you missed out on.


In today’s episode, “big bro” Gunma-chan embarks on an errand with his sister, sees his mom’s job in action, and learns about the true meaning of SPORTS.

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Gunma-chan – 04

Context: Gunma-chan is complementing his uncle’s crippling gambling addiction


In today’s episode, Gunma-chan feels a little different, and then he goes missing! Before all of that though, he goes to the race track with his uncle so that he can [REDACTED AT THE REQUEST OF GUNMA PREFECTURE GOVERNMENT]! Doesn’t that sound like fun?

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Komi Can’t Communicate – 05

Your eyes don’t deceive you. We finished it.


Phew! That took… a while. Hope the wait was worth it for you guys!
In this episode, Komi changes her outfit, goes head-to-head with a friendly rival, has a get-together at her house, eats ramen with her friends, and meets a chuuni. What a day!*

*It didn’t actually all happen in a day

We’re already hard at work on Episode 6, so see you whenever that happens!

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Teasing Master Takagi-san 3 – 04

No, we didn’t purposefully edit the dialogue here. Sus indeed.


We had a bit of a snag in terms of encoding, which was the cause of the long delay. We really apologize for that. For those watching on macOS, please read the notice on Nyaa regarding the issue. Otherwise, you’re in for another fun teasing battle! Enjoy, and thanks for waiting!

NovaWorks releases are designed for playback in mpv. Other media players have not been tested and may result in playback issues.

Gunma-chan – 03
Even rock bands can have an existential crisis!


In today’s Gunma-chan, Gunma shares philosophical quips with an old guy and gets the band back together. Meanwhile, Yayoihime’s talking mirrors vent about their master’s… demanding personality.

It’s fun for the whole family! We swear!

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NovaWorks Fansubs Spring 2022 Update

The dawn of a new anime season is upon us… and we have announcements… or a lack thereof!

Hello everyone! The dawn of a new season is upon us, and we have some things to talk about with you. We’ll be going over a few announcements and status updates in this post, so get cozy and have fun reading! (Or scroll down to the bottom for a TL;DR at the bottom, we’re gonna be here for a while)


We will not be picking up any new series for the Spring 2022 season.
There were initial plans to pick up something this season, but due to our workload, we decided against it and will not be picking up any new shows that begin airing this month. Instead, we will keep our assigned staff working on current projects, which we will detail more of right now.


Komi Can’t Communicate

PSA: Don’t be like chuuni Tadano!

This is the one most of you care about. I think it goes without saying that this project has been in production hell for a variety of reasons. We’ve been trying hard to fix any issues we have with progress but it remains to be seen if that will noticeably boost output.

I think a lot of people fail to understand that a lot of work goes into Komi and we work on releases near constantly. There are more signs in a single episode of Komi than there are in an entire seasonal anime’s run. It’s a ton of work and we’re trying the best we can with the staff that we have, so we appreciate patience if you can still spare us some.

Episode 5 has been progressing well the past few weeks and there’s a pretty good chance we’ll be done with it this month, so that’s something to look forward to.

People have been asking us our plans for the second cour which will begin airing this week, to which we have nothing to share at this time.

Teasing Master Takagi-san 3
Spoiler: It’s jelly-filled!

We have some news regarding Takagi-san releases:

We will be switching to a Blu-ray video source starting with the release of Episode 5!

This means that visual quality should be better. Once we release all twelve episodes, we’ll go back through and release a v2 batch release of the series and update the first four episodes with Blu-ray encodes as well.

As of writing this, Episode 4 only needs Quality Control and it’ll be ready to go, so look forward to that soon!


Gunma-chan is progressing at a reasonable pace. There’s not much to really say.
Episode 3 will hopefully be out later this month!

Mazica Party

Are you guys still waiting for this? Like, is there anyone out there? At all?

Yeah, Mazica has been stalled for quite a while. This is due to some of the main staff being busy. We’re looking for a replacement editor for the anime so if anyone who has at least some experience dealing with kids anime/hobbyani has interest in helping out editing, please submit an application for the group! We’d love to have you!


Staff Applications

Thank you to those who have submitted staff applications so far. We’ve had many people submit something to us (over 30 in fact!) and a large chunk of them are for the Team C training group.

We’re a bit backed up right now internally so we haven’t gotten a chance to review every application or reach out to those who’ve applied, so we’re sorry if you’ve been a little worried about not seeing anything. We’re still in the process of reviewing applications and will send messages to some of you when we get the chance.

We have already brought on a few members to Team C and are looking to expand it to around six to seven members total for our first round of trainees.

Team A and Team B applications are also open for any experienced fansubber who is interested in helping us out with our ongoing series this season. Please consider helping out!

New Feedback Form

As if my Google Form addiction couldn’t get any worse, we’ve created a new feedback form for general feedback and suggestions, which you can view here.

Using the form, you can submit group feedback to us directly for consideration. You can also submit Public QC tickets through this form if you would rather not join our Discord to do so.

Please note that any hateful or threatening comments about any particular staff member or the group in general will be ignored and removed from our records.

Our First Anniversary

Today’s release of our Spring 2022 plans was no mere coincidence. It coincides with the first anniversary of NovaWorks!

On April 4, 2021, NovaWorks was formed as a fledgling fansub group. Our first official release wasn’t until later in the month, but we technically began existence exactly one year ago today.

Looking back at what has happened has been wild for me personally and I’m very grateful to the many wonderful staff members who have helped truly make some magnificent fansubs under the group’s name and the love and support we’ve received over the past year has been unbelievable. It really is something I never expected and I would like to personally thank every single staff member and every fan for your continued support over the first year. It truly blows me away.

We hope that you continue to support us as we enter our second year of existence!

That’s all for our Spring 2022 update. Thank you for reading!

TL;DR: No new pickups this season. Komi soon-ish, Takagi-san really soon, Gunma-chan soon™, Mazica found dead in Miami (not really), send us staff applications, direct your complaints here, also thanks for a year of NovaWorks!

[APRIL FOOLS] Johnny Test – 01a

This is an anime opening we would never dare to skip!

Direct Download (MediaFire)

UPDATE: April Fools! Hope you enjoyed our little joke!

Original Title: Komi Can’t Communicate 2 – 01 (Preview Release)
Original Description:

We know what you’re thinking.
“How can you have 2nd cour episodes early?”
“What about the other episodes from the 1st cour?”
“Komi when?”

Well, as it turns out, the first episode of the second cour had been uploaded to streaming services a lot earlier than we expected (albeit at 480p) and through the use of magic and our over 9000 GHz supercomputer, we were able to secure a rip! Unfortunately, the second half of the episode was corrupted in what we assume was intentional sabotage by the host, leaving the second half of the episode unusable. Oh well, it happens.

So instead, we cut the episode in half to roughly twelve minutes. It includes the first two segments in full as well as a brief clip of the third.

Due to the dubious method we used to obtain the clip, we’re foregoing putting this release on Nyaa so we don’t risk account termination, and instead are offering a direct download to the .mkv through MediaFire


NovaWorks releases are designed for playback in mpv. Other media players have not been tested and may result in playback issues.

Gunma-chan – 02
Truly words to live by.


In today’s episode, Gunma-chan multiplies, honors the working class, and joins a standom. Not kidding. Check it out if that sounds like your thing!

NovaWorks releases are designed for playback in mpv. Other media players have not been tested and may result in playback issues.

Announcing the formation of NovaWorks Team C

We are forming a new internal subbing team known as NovaWorks Team C!

What is NovaWorks Team C?

NovaWorks Team C is intended to be an entry-level team for beginners and newbies to learn the ins-and-outs of fansubbing! Team C members will be able to get first-hand fansubbing experience while under supervision and guidance from higher level staff.

What does Team C focus on?

Instead of working on projects of their own, Team C members will serve as support staff for our other projects if and when additional help is necessary and backup resources have been exhausted. Project assignments will be made on a case-by-case basis dependent on any prior experience and your own availability. Please keep in mind that if you want to work on a specific project, we may not be able to ensure you’ll be able to do so.

After an extended period working and gaining the necessary experience, Team C members can be promoted to Team A or Team B if they desire to do so.

Who can join NovaWorks Team C?

NovaWorks Team C members must meet the same basic criteria as all of our other staff, which includes:

  • Being at least 16 years of age or older
  • Access to a Discord and a GitHub account
  • Access to a Windows/macOS/Linux computer. No smartphones, tablets, or other operating systems such as Chromebooks

However, unlike most of our other staff, prior experience with a fansubbing group is NOT required. Familiarity with programs like Aegisub is a plus and is preferred, however. But either way, you don’t need to be worried about being involved in prior fansub projects. If you have the desire to learn and help out, then we’ll help facilitate that!

I’m in. How do I apply?

Simply fill out our new application form, and select the Team C option when selecting a team to apply to. From there, you can enter in the required information and submit your application, and we’ll review it and take it from there!

Of course, if you’re an experienced fansubber and want to assist our other teams, you can select Team A or Team B and fill out the respective application.

Thanks for reading! We’ll be releasing our Spring 2022 announcements on April 4th!
Until then, see ya!