New site! + Winter 2022 announcements!

Hooray for a new website!

Hi everyone! We’re coming at you from a new website built with WordPress! We’ve been planning on migrating to a new site for a while, and while the transition isn’t fully complete yet, we’re excited to finally launch our new site. It may look bland right now, but over the coming months, things will be gradually adjusted and edited to look better. For now, we’re pretty okay with what we have.

Be sure to take a look around the new site! If you have any suggestions for features, then feel free to suggest them in our Discord Server.


A new anime season is upon us, and NovaWorks plans to pick up two series for the Winter 2022 season. In this section, we’ll detail these new series as well as give some updates regarding our current pickups.

GUNMA-CHAN (NovaWorks Team A)

Need to boost tourism? Make a kids anime!

Team A will be keeping themselves busy with Gunma-chan.

Gunma-chan originally aired during the Fall 2021 season on Tokyo MX and other stations. While it’s not technically a Winter 2022 anime, we will begin releasing episodes of the anime starting in January, with plans to release on a weekly basis.

Gunma-chan is an anime based on the mascot of the same name, who is a yuru-chara for Gunma Prefecture in Japan. The anime, produced by Ascension and directed by Mitsuru Hongo, revolves around Gunma-chan traveling around Gunma (a mysterious spelled with hiragana, not kanji) helping those he encounters with their disputes and issues using his mysterious powers. It’s basic, but for a fun kids anime, that’s all you need to have a good time!

Fansubs by NovaWorks Team A
Translation/Typesetting: Seigyoku
Translation Check/Editing: NeSubs
Timing: Olivo28
Encoding: Gargadon
Quality Control: Noroinohanako, Stormy


Certainly didn’t expect this to happen, and yet here we are!

Team B will be picking up Teasing Master Takagi-san 3, the third season of the series based on Soichiro Yamamoto’s manga of the same name.

In their second year of middle school, Nishikata and Takagi’s teasing game reaches it’s “final stretch” in this new season of the anime. Directed by Hiroaki Akagi at Shin-Ei Animation.

Releases will begin shortly after broadcast in January! We’re still not entirely sure if we can do a weekly release yet, but maybe! Stick around and find out with us, I guess.

Fansubs by NovaWorks Team B
Translation: NeSubs
Translation Check: chickn_noodle
Timing / Typesetting: Asakura
Editing / Song Styling: 9volt
Encoding: setsugen no ao
Quality Control: bucket3432



We are not dropping Komi. We will continue to sub Komi during the Winter season and do not anticipate Takagi-san greatly impacting Komi release progress and vice versa. That said, we’re not entirely sure how things will go from here. We’re aware many are disappointed with the long waits between releases, but Komi is a pretty intensive series and things take time to get done right.

We are aware a “second season” is on the way, currently planned for April of next year. Yes, we’ll still be here. Whether or not that’s a good thing or a bad thing is up to you. We will be losing a few staff members for the second cour, so anyone (or any group, we wouldn’t mind a joint for S2) who wants to help fill those spots should head on over to our Recruit page and send us an application!

Episode 04 is coming along nicely, and we’re getting closer to release. Might have it out before the end of next week. No promises, though!

MAZICA PARTY (NovaWorks Team A)

We know there’s a few of you still hoping for Mazica Party releases. We haven’t dropped this series either. It’s just a little hard to dedicate resources too at the moment given how massive of an undertaking Komi has become and the lower popularity of Mazica releases in general. Some of our staff are also involved in other translation projects outside of NovaWorks as well, which greatly impacts their availability.

Rest assured, we hope to at least start releasing the show again sometime during the winter season. We’ve been sitting on a script of Episode 05 that’s been halfway done for a month or two now, so maybe if we have some breathing room, we can get that out the door. Always keep an eye out on our Twitter and Discord for more info.

Anyways, I think that’s it? New site, yay! New series, yay!
Happy holidays everyone! See you in 2022!

(and Happy Birthday Komi!)

Teasing Master Takagi-san 3 – 01

For clarification, a large chunk of said effort was put forth by the encoder, so extra otsukare to Setsugen!


Finally, the first NovaWorks release that isn’t OLM!

We’re something somewhat unorthodox for fansubs with our releases of Takagi-san! Hope you enjoy the improvements!

For those who don’t follow our Discord, we decided to use the simulcast script in favor of an OTL in order to save time and resources. We did check and edit the script though, so don’t worry; we made sure it was good to go!

NovaWorks releases are designed for playback in mpv. Other media players have not been tested and may result in playback issues.